Reconfigure, Remove, Restore

Our Services

  • Arrange, Reconfigure, and Storage
  • Furniture Repair/Restoration
  • Removal
  • Short Term Warehousing
  • Installation

Work Space Design
Change your business? Change your furniture. Whether you’re getting bigger or just getting more efficient, we can help make the space work. Even if we didn’t configure it in the first place. Unlike most moving companies, we can arrange, rearrange, or store any office system – not just the ones we sell...

RJE delivery truck Break something? Wear it out? We can repair it. Our restoration services can make your chairs, desks and system components look like new. We won’t even ask how it got that way.

Don’t want to wait for your furniture to become “classic?” If your offices are looking a little too retro, we can haul everything away to that big office building in the sky.

Short Term Warehousing
Have an office but, temporarily, no building? Our Short Term Warehousing can help. We’ll store your current office Systems until you’re ready to reinstall them. Which we’ll be happy to do as well.

An effective workplace environment can transform your company.
We design furniture spaces for Corporate, Healthcare, Government, Educational Environments, and High-end Residential.

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