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In all online casinos, video slots and other types of digital slot machines can be found. The mechanical reels slot machines are often simple in design and leave no doubt about their way of playing. Video slots are often animated digital slot machines where bonus and wild symbols, mini bonus games and scatter symbols rule. And do not forget the sometimes present progressive jackpots that can grow to astronomical heights with certain video slots.

  • Video slots come in many conceivable variants, some with only 9 paylines, others with 243 or more paylines. More and more common, the 3d video slots are provided with beautiful animations. In a single online casino multiplayer video slots can be played where chatting and playing together with other visitors is possible. Because the offer is growing at a very fast pace, it is good to know that most video slots can be played for free without any effort or obligation. 
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So that you have the time to discover your favorite slot machine

The video slots are generally the most played of all casino games. It is therefore logical that proportionally the online casino gets the most profit from these slot machines. However, this does not mean that your chances of winning are minimal. On the contrary, the online video slots are known for their ultra-high payout percentages that can go up to more than 90% minimum return on the placed bet.


You can find them in every online betting singapore. The slots with their typical authentic sounds, the old-fashioned looking mechanical reels, but at the same time packed with new electronics. 

Slots such as the random runner, simply wild and their many variations in perfect remake

These types of slot machines still delight the slot machine visitors in the online field. Although we also admit that the online slots, even though they are perfectly copied, cannot quite match the slot machine as it is flashing in the gambling hall. Physical contact with the machine is then the greatest loss. But that is also the only drawback.

There are of course many more advantages to online gambling on the old trusted reels of slots. That they can be played from home is an understatement and although we did not mention it is actually true. But are there any other advantages? How about reduced waiting times when you choose the top game right away. Your favorite slot never occupied. And above all, the online slots have higher payout percentages than the physical variants in the gambling hall. Slots that are equipped with mechanical reels with mostly fruit images on them are often provided with a base and top game. You don’t have to read a manual to play them, the gameplay is always self-explanatory.

Casino Bonus

A much discussed topic that can be fun but can also cause confusion is the online casino bonus. On our page we explain this phenomenon. A high welcome bonus sounds nice, but the casino management will then pay attention to any follow-up and loyalty bonuses. Our experience shows that only the best online casinos find you interesting enough for personal attention and the associated loyalty bonuses. It should also be taken into account that the casino bonus is a nice gesture from the relevant gambling site like The round or release of a bonus is always subject to certain wagers.

Videos and More with the Casino Deals

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